Three Common Types of Sprinkler Problems in Phoenix

Sprinkler systems can fail in any of a variety of ways that leave lawns and plants without the water they need. That is especially problematic in Phoenix, where annual rainfall totals average a couple of inches and temperatures frequently climb into the triple digits.

Experts at sprinkler repair in Phoenix, however, can solve any sort of problem that might conceivably crop up. A quick look at the kinds of issues that most commonly arise will reveal that all of them can be addressed effectively.

Sprinkler Systems Fail for a Variety of Reasons

The sprinkler systems found in so many area homes are designed to provide highly reliable service. As they all consist of a number of different types of components, though, problems can never be ruled out entirely. Some of the issues that Phoenix sprinkler repair experts are most often asked to address are:

Clogs. The average sprinkler system will include dozens of feet of plumbing, most of which will normally be hidden below ground, out of sight. That makes for plenty of places where clogs can become established, whether slowly over time or all at once. Many sprinkler system troubles result from clogs that inhibit the free flow of water. While it can take a bit of time and effort to identify the location of a clog, an accurate diagnosis will always go a long way toward a solution.

Broken heads. Sprinklers are most vulnerable to physical damage where their parts are exposed to the surrounding environment. Sprinkler heads and the emitters found on drip systems can easily sustain damage from any of quite a few possible sources. Lawnmowers and weed whackers, for instance, regularly end up breaking these important parts. As an especially simple sort of sprinkler or drip system repair, though, replacing a broken head rarely takes much time at all.

Electronic problems. Most modern sprinklers systems are controlled by electronic timers that can be programmed to schedule watering whenever it is desired. While generally quite reliable, these subsystems can burn out or break down, oftentimes rendering the rest of a setup inoperable, as a result. Many sprinkler repair jobs in the area include work required to get a timer or controller working properly again.

Professionals Have What It Takes to Solve Sprinkler Problems

Issues like these can always be resolved by trained professionals who have the required tools and supplies. In just about every case, even a serious-seeming sprinkler problem can be addressed quite quickly and with a minimum of expense by a professional.